Short Biography

Born and raised in Athens, Errikos Andreou started pursuing his passion from a very young age, studying the work of designers, stylists and photographers alike. To give further teeth to his skills and to obtain a global perspective Errkios moved to London where he studied ‘Fashion Design’ at the prestigious University of Westminster (BA) and the College of Central St.Martin’s (MA). After his studies he worked in various positions within the Industry as a designer, stylist and later on as a photographer. Since 2009 Errikos started following his heart’s passion as a full time photographer and has also lived three and a half years in Paris where he collaborated with some of the most creative people and expanded his body of work.

Errikos who has a distinguishable signature approach to his photography is an amazing story-teller who loves weaving strong emotions in his images. There is always a sense of contagious happiness in him with which it’s easy to engage and enjoy his artistry. Whatever controversy he is able to conjure through his lens, there is a distant absence of it in his general manner and gentle smile. He is a photographer with profound interest in people and considers a ‘good chemistry’ as a very integral part of creating stunning images.

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