CALL FOR images showing the impact of Coronavirus (Covid 19)

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: 15th June, 2020 [Monday] 

Mail entries to

(All images must have been photographed during the period of lockdown (Currently 25th March, 2020 to 14th  June, 2020. – Phase 1 to 5)



We invite photography enthusiasts and professionals from all across India to submit images that document ‘Life under Lockdown’. Participants can submit up to a maximum of 10 images; both COLOR and B/W images accepted. The current pandemic has majorly disrupted human life across the world and the ensuing global lockdown is something we were unprepared for. The impending consequences of the same can only be fathomed in it’s entirety as the future unfolds before our eyes and once life continues beyond the lockdowns into a new normal.

It is in such a backdrop that we at DEU – a photo agency – have decided to do our bit for the community through a crowd-sourced Photo Exhibition,  proceeds from which shall also go to Covid-19 relief funds run by NGOs or Government Organisations.


  • We aim to exhibit shortlisted and curated images in Major Cities at Key Venues & Galleries across India.
  • Beyond this, we aim to publish a wider selection of images as a special edition coffee table book –
    {Participants with Shortlisted/Featured Images in the Coffee Table Book will get a copy of the Book carrying their work}
  • All the shortlisted images (wider selection) will be displayed in the website page and gallery dedicated to this project.

Rules for submission

  • Image submissions (Hi-Res JPGs) will be accepted under 2 Categories i.e
    Category 1 – Images shot with SLR Cameras
    Category 2 – Images shot with Mobile Cameras and Point-and-Shoot Cameras
  • Images submitted must have been photographed between the time period 25 March, 2020 to 14th  June, 2020 (Phase 1 to 5).
  • All captured images should be images taken during the lockdown following all safety precautions as mandated by the Government. Ideally all images should be captured within the safe confines of one’s living space (with the exceptions to photo journalists and essential service providers, as and where applicable).
  • General Theme for the shoot is ‘ISOLATION & SURVIVAL’.
  • For every submitted image – please do give a TITLE to the image, Name of the Photographer, Name of the Camera or device with which the image was captured & Location where the shot was captured. Do not forget to provide your social handles and contact details.

Example: BEYOND THE GLASS, Swaminathan Nair, Nikon D750, Kochi, Kerala
IG Handle: xyz; Facebook: xyz; Twitter: xyz, Website: xyz, Email ID: abc@xyz & Contact No: 1234 5678…

  • Do mail your submissions to with the Subject Title:

Example: Swaminathan Nair – Submissions for COVID-19 in INDIA : LOCKDOWN REFLECTIONS

  • Submission DeadlineExtended till 15th June, 2020 [Monday] 

Panel of jury & Curators

We are also in the process of deciding on a few more credible names to honour this initiative. Final Jury Panel & Panel of Curators will be announced in our website within the next few days.

Usage Rights

  • The applicant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of photos submitted to this project. Copyright and all other rights remain with the photographer.
  • Each applicant shall agree to present the applicant’s work on DEU: Creative Management website under the page for this project and if shortlisted – to be displayed in Exhibitions & to be published in the Coffee Table Book 
  • Applicant’s work will be used strictly in connection with the mentioned project and will not be used for any other marketing purposes other than to promote the applicant’s work in connection with the project. 
  • The photographer’s copyright will be included on each image.
  • To promote works of applicants, the right to display images on social network websites (on our official profiles) including: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • You agree to participate in related publicity and to the use of your name and images for the purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity in connection with the project without any additional compensation.
  • DEU: Creative Management and its media partners assume no responsibility and are not liable for any image misuse by external third parties.
  • Any photograph used by DEU: Creative Management shall carry a credit line.


By submitting the images, applicants hereby do understand that only shortlisted images by the distinguished panel of jury and curators would be eligible to be displayed in the ‘Shortlisted’ or ‘Top’ Categories in the Website and then subsequently make it to the Exhibitions and the Coffee Table Book!

The intention is to feature only the top images which emotionally connect with the theme. We hence expect that all applicants will honor the final shortlist made by DEU in consensus with the jury and curators and understand the possibility of their submissions not making into the final shortlist.

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